Our goals and Standards Applicable of Basic Education

1-      To help provide a smooth school transfer for Libyan students, young Canadian students whom are returning back home with their families, their parents are going to work in Libya or for foreign students who plan to immigrate to Canada or to continue their studies in Canada.

2-      To help provide or offer Canadian education system programs in Libya.

3-      To bridge the grassroots gape between Canadian and Libyan societies.

4-      To provide the first step for developing and strengthening the education system programs between our two countries.

            Students are expected to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare them for life. A basic Canadian education will allow students to:

5-     Read for information, understanding and enjoyment

6-     Write and speak clearly, accurately and appropriately for the context use mathematics to solve problems in business, science and daily-life situations

7-     Understand the physical world, ecology and the diversity of life

8-     Understand the scientific method, the nature of science and technology, and their application to daily life

9-     Know the history and geography of Canada and Libya and have a general understanding of world history and geography

10-   Understand Canada’s political, social and economic systems within a global context

11-   Respect the cultural diversity and common values of Canada

12-  Demonstrate desirable personal characteristics, such as respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, caring, loyalty and commitment to democratic ideals

13-   Recognize the importance of personal well-being and appreciate how family and others contribute to that well-being

14-   Know the basic requirements of an active, healthful lifestyle

15-   Understand and appreciate literature, the arts and the creative process

16-   Research an issue thoroughly and evaluate the credibility and reliability of information sources.

17-   Demonstrate critical and creative thinking skill in problem solving and decision making

18-   Demonstrate competence in using information technologies

19-   Know how to work independently and as part of a team

20-   Manage time and other resources needed to complete a task

21-   Demonstrate initiative, leadership, flexibility and persistence

22-   Evaluate their own endeavours and continually strive to improve

23-   Have the desire and realize the need for lifelong learning.



Deciding What Students Should Learn at CISL?



The Canadian curriculum strives to:


  • Reflect the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes that students need to be well- prepared for future learning and the world of work.
  • Anticipate and plan for the needs of the future by considering the changes and developments in society, such as trends in employment, globalization, advances in technology and Stewardship of the environment
  • Provide learners with attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable them to become engaged, active, informed and responsible citizens
  • Promote the recognition and respect for individual and collective identity that is essential in a pluralistic and democratic society
  • Consider students’ needs and abilities—intellectual, social, emotional and physical—at different ages and stages of growth
  • Ensure that each grade provides a foundation of knowledge for successful learning in subsequent years
  • Incorporate new discoveries and theories that are generally accepted by experts in subject areas
  • Develop skills that are necessary for success in learning a subject
  • Consider new research on effective teaching methods and how students learn best
  • Reflect the most appropriate level at which the skills are to be acquired
  • Integrate how the study of a subject contributes to student personal growth and development
  • Accommodate learning in different environments
  • Consider various ways of delivering a program to students, including innovative opportunities using print, digital, distributed, community and workplace resources.


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